The Freedom Revolution Handbook: Seven Freedom Strategies to Help you Win the Battle Within is purposed to help you reach higher liberty levels and fulfillment in your life from the inside out! You will walk away with more awareness and tools to practice your FREEDOM TO SHINE & THRIVE DAILY!


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    Seeking the depths within is a journey you must take for more Freedom.
    ~Author & Coach Nataushia Miller


    The Freedom Revolution Handbook is very instrumental! It lets readers know that they are not alone in their darkest moments! Freedom Coach Nataushia Miller supplies transparent narratives and practical examples to help readers overcome! And the BEST part is the given questions that provoke each reader to think, reflect, shift, and engage in the transformation process! If you want to become a BETTER version of yourself, this e-book is for you! ~Deidra Jackson

    I thank the author for the seven-plus bonus freedom strategies outlined in the Freedom Revolution Handbook. The Freedom Strategy Love resonated with me the most. Freedom Coach Nataushia Miller shared a revelation about Love as a discipline that helps readers activate Love as an action word in their lives. Furthermore, the Scripture references for each strategy are empowering; I'm adding them to my arsenal! I recommend this e-book to anyone desiring a more intimate relationship with Father God! ~Waynette Duty